XBOX 360: Triple Screen.


4 Xbox 360 Elites (while quantities last)

4 Copies Forza Motorsport2

Xbox 360 HD DVD player

Xbox 360 camera

Xbox 360 wireless headset

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft Force Feedback Steering wheel.

3 Sharp Aquos 37″ LC-D62U 1080p HD LCD displays

Bose Acoustimass 10 series surround sound system

Harmon Kardon AVR-144 Surround Sound receiver

1500 Watt Tactile Vibration Feedback System.

1900 watt tactile power amplifier.


16 Responses to “XBOX 360: Triple Screen”

  1. Anon says:

    I see a PSP there.

  2. Peter Moore says:

    you forgot

    3 Red Lights

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  4. Mike says:

    Wow. I want.

  5. Meh says:

    4 Xbox 360 Elites

    12 Red Rings Of Death

  6. captain4004 says:

    Why 4 XBOX’s? Please explain this set-up, thanks

  7. jerome b. says:

    how much for one setup?

  8. anon says:

    The 4 xbox’s are for Forza 2. 3 for forward field of vision, the small lcd screen to the right is rear view mirror which the 4th xbox is for. Zune to play personal music while racing apparently.

  9. kingnothing says:


    you need one for each screen. You can hook up the boxes on a network and set them up to each drive a part of the view. Three show [left] , [center], [right] and the fourth shows a rear view. You can see a small screen off to the right of the wheel showing the rear view.
    oddly, the article doesnt mention what type of screen that is…

    and i’m not sure why the zune is important, unless they want it for playing music while playing the game…

  10. Robert says:

    dang nice sooo how did you do that y do you need 4 xboxes if you only will play on one? and if its one xbox per screen whats the 4th one doing and how can you setup all the xbox so you can play one single game. Whats the psp for ? rear view mirror?? you had all microsoft but you messed it up with sony still pretty cool though ohh and can you plz gimme one elite if you are not using it XD

  11. Ricky says:

    @ captain4004, 4 xbox 360’s to run each screen. Left, Mid, Right and Rear View mirror

  12. Percy says:

    4 Xboxes -> good odds to beat 30% failure rate.

  13. shanaz says:

    what’s the point of that>>>

  14. ManaSecret says:

    That is freakin’ awesome, if only my wife would let me… for some reason she wants another kid to spend money on! I am 1 lcd, and 1 360 short of your rig… well 2 more copies of the game and a racing seat… Still a beautiful set-up.

  15. ColonelSanders says:

    Wow, how much is that thing, cause aren’t the elites themselves like two, three hundred dollars or something like that?

  16. duke says:

    good but how much it cost!!

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