It prints on toasts

Strangest printer in the world

Strangest printer

Prints on toasts



Computer printers

Computer printer



21 Responses to “Strangest printer in the world”

  1. Undun Some says:

    If one could make a toast of Jesus and sell it on E-Bay or something one could make a fortune. Maybe Two.

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  3. thespy says:

    wow that is some strange printer…

    have you got a write up of how you made it?

  4. Paul Ascough says:



  5. theflashkube says:

    You could have a lot of fun with christians. They seem to see jesus everywhere, especially on things like toast. Just print a few jesus toasts, put them in plastic bags like celebrity leftovers, and sell them on ebay.

  6. Netram says:

    Are those faces? they look spooky Oo

    GJ, i suppose.

  7. Joop says:

    EPIC! I want a printer like that to make personalized breakfast for everyone!

  8. Strangest Printer in the World! says:

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  9. xmido says:

    Toast is scary. Since its staring u in the face.

  10. JRHelgeson says:

    This is simply a CNC machine that has a heated air jet nozzle. Yes, you too can have a perfectly toasted poptart EVERY TIME for the small price of 30,000.00*.

    *Not including delivery and setup charges, Does not include bread. Beverage cup holder included. Void where prohibited. Not available in all states. Not to be used as a precision Barbie hair dryer. Batteries not included, your parents help put it together. Beware of spontaneous combustion feature. Do not trust the shover robot.

  11. magunga says:

    draw the virgin mary and sell it on ebay

  12. Keith L. Dick says:

    That’s a really cool Hack, thanks for sharing… I don’t think I’d like one becuase the toast would be cold by the time it’s done printing… hehehe

  13. cimddwc :: Phryganeidolia(?) says:

    […] piece of toast to make lots of money from it on ebay? Why not use some help – a toast printer!  ComputerWorld. Review has 7 pictures of such a device, though without any description. (If it’s a fake, it’s a quite […]

  14. andrei says:


  15. badger says:

    They had a such a piece of toast on ebay last year that had a likenes of George Norry the host of coast to coast

  16. Matt says:

    This ‘printer’ isn’t designed to heat bread in patterns – it’s designed to heat almost anything in patterns.

    I saw something like this used on a lighter setting to create a neat burned effect in paper. But from what I understand you can use other mediums as well, such as bread, metal, plastic…

    The one I witnessed looked like a an AutoCAD machine and a blown-torch for a pen, all controlled by computer. It is probably similar to this machine.

  17. George says:

    Oh, so THIS is how that Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich was made.

  18. Michael B. says:


  19. Diabolic Preacher says:

    miraculous appearance/impression of God on toast…now easily available.

  20. Craig says:

    I can’t believe no one has thought to use this to make religious images and sell on ebay

  21. spuffler says:

    Hot air soldering nozzle fastened to an x-y table. woo.

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