Modding - computer in bottle

Modding - computer in bottle - photos

Modding - computer in bottle - hardware

Modding - computer in bottle - hardware - 2

Computer in bottle

Computer case modding - computer in bottle

Computer case - computer in bottle

Computer case modding

Modding - computer in bottle - side view

Case modding - computer in bottle


50 Responses to “Modding – computer in bottle”

  1. Joe says:

    Don’t drop it 😉

  2. ttttthat guyyyy says:

    it would be cool if instead of making a hole for the fan, you hot glued it so the air came out the bottle top.

  3. chris says:

    That is one of the coolest mods I’ve seen in a long time. Would be nice if you could’ve fit a slim dvd drive on the other side, but still very cool.

  4. damn says:

    wow thats very cool. wat type of parts are those? r they like laptop parts or like the mac computers

  5. Dane says:

    That was amazing. Just how did they get such greats cuts through the glass?

  6. William says:

    Wow that’s really awesome! That must have been a BIG bottle

  7. RahaMies says:

    Made in Finland! Great mod indeed!

  8. Shaolin_sKunk says:

    Now that’s class.

  9. Preston Moore says:

    I want to try that now!

  10. Sean says:

    Looks cool. The thing I would worry about is where does the heat go?

  11. sampat says:

    nice development

  12. Izzy says:

    Dang. I wish my alcohol was electronic.

  13. Kyle says:

    Very unique case mod. I like it a lot.

    Where did you get this idea?

  14. Emma Best says:

    What a cool original idea 🙂 Maybe I’ll try something similar with the next bottle of Ballatines

  15. Andrew says:

    Awesome setup! How’s it run? Looks like it might get a bit warm 😛

    Any specs perhaps? This would be a really fun side project sometime.

  16. ewww says:

    It’s still a PC

  17. Q says:

    that is going to be one hot bottle. Wonder if you can fill it up with vegetable oil, great for cooling. But good job, that is amazing. It seems like you took a laptop apart to do this.

  18. Tifo says:

    Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of “ROM”

  19. Robert says:

    I prefer Glenlivet myself.

  20. Uno Dos Tres says:

    I am definitely doing this.

  21. Natovr says:

    Don’t let someone accidentally fill it with water! :p

  22. Brooke says:

    Wow. How is this a mod? All it is is changing the look of your PC. It does nothing to the techs of it.

  23. Joey says:

    Ya its cool but whats the specs on it?

  24. paul says:

    this is the best thing i have ever seen

  25. Anonymous? says:

    That is amazing!

  26. Psythik says:

    Where did you find a motherboard that small? What’s the form factor? And where can I get one?

  27. Ryan G says:

    Now, finally, I have a great excuse for finishing off that bottle of tequila. Cheers.

  28. DJNeedlez says:

    cool mod but if you are going ot build a case out of a scotch bottle, pick a better scotch, i wouldn’t wash my bathtub with ballantines.

  29. Ashley says:

    Awesome Make me one please

  30. Theje G says:

    Awsome !

  31. wqertyuiop says:

    Wow, I really wonder why no one has done this before… Oh that’s right, because it’s a shit idea.

    I’m sick of seeing these cheap ass mobos stuffed into ridiculous cases. What next? On in a box, one in a shoe, a slipper?

    Waste of time, what’s the point of creating a piss poor PC in a bottle? Why?

    And as for Ryan G’s comment, it’s not tequilla.

  32. Benzodiazepine says:

    What about the heat?
    Won’t it give the glass bottle higher temperature and ruin things ?

  33. Zach Denton says:

    Whoa – that is the coolest mod ever!

  34. michael says:


    it’s a case mod – it doesn’t have to change how it works or add anything, it just makes it look awesome.

  35. NoxTemp says:

    Classy. Though to support the true “Finnish” aura of the Ballantines- you should have installed Linux. lol =P

  36. untface says:

    This is such a big con! It does not work..never could fit motherboard in such a small space. What utter crap!!

  37. max says:

    how smart would i get if i drink that … looolz ..
    nice post ..

  38. Abdo says:

    Strange mode, but is it effective ?

  39. Chris S says:

    Hmmmm… I’m more of a Johnnie Walker man myself, but your heart is in the right place!

  40. Tyche says:

    Excellent…publish the how-to…I want one!

  41. Greg says:

    thats amazing!!!

  42. shkhanal says:

    That’s a fantastic idea. Impressive!

  43. Kelly says:

    Very creative! Nice work.

  44. IceburgTX says:

    You’ll notice that in the operational shots, the cap is off the bottle. i would assume that this is the intake and the back is the ventilation port. Should keep it cool enough for the minimal operations it will be performing.

    Nice work. Obviously it’s not built for gaming/high speed performance, but i’m sure it takes care of business. Kudos!

  45. Dwarf says:

    I’m relatively certain this is an EEE PC just in a modded case (an awesomely modded case) simply because of the size/temperature restrictions.This means it would be running linux. I’m also guessing it’s a pretty damn big scotch bottle.

  46. DarkSession says:

    wow, very good, but why Ballantines? is it Ballantines a reason… if u’re thirsty 4 Ballantines, connect to computer.

    but i like the idea, the dimensions of the processor has the dimension of a bottle.
    good job 🙂

    xo xo

  47. keplenet says:

    that’s very good idea like genie in the bottle 🙂

  48. matt_fg says:

    Wow, that mobo was tiny, what kind was it?

  49. duckie says:

    Alright… I cannot believe I read through all those comments, and not one person seems to understand the idea of the ITX formfactor, a Pico-ITX is only 10×7.2cm, that’s 3.93″x2.83″, compare that with your standard business card: 3.5″x2″, and there are people out there who are going to sit here and tell me that you CAN’T fit that in a bottle? I can barely think clearly right now, because that ignorance just baffles me. A laptop board, no, a netbook(eeePC, or Aspire) maybe… never had a good first hand teardown of one of those, however I doubt it, not sure if they have VGA out on them, or if the creator would want to waste the built in display, I’d sooner assume that if it was a netbook, the LCD would have been built into one of the larger sides of the bottle. Also, the power supply used leads me to think it’s an ITX of some fashion, as laptops and netbooks tend to have a separated power supply, and would more likely just have a power jack built into the bottle, rather than worry about putting the whole unit in.

    Also, show me a laptop or netbook power supply that outputs to molex…. and I’ll take back much of what I said.

    Kudos to the creator, that is a beautiful case mod, and now I’m tempted to get an eeePC and try something similar with a bottle of Jager or something similar, maybe use a handle if size requires it.

  50. John Michael says:

    wow! nice mod… does it come with liquid cooling system.. 😉 heheehe. awesome post!

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