We have already seen many conceptual computers. Some of them were nearer to reality, others not very much. The conceptual computers don’t look like they will become a reality in the nearest future. Therefore, theay appear more appealing. The main idea of such conceptual computer comes from the concept: if you want to remember something – write it down on the napkin.  So Napkin PC was created.
In theory such computer will work in the following way: using short range radio frequency pens will send data to the multi-touch e-paper “napkin” interface.  Beside that pens and napkins also communicate with the base station PC via long-range radio frequency. As a result you’re able to share ideas with greater ease. Another advantage is that napkins are modular, so large-scale layouts can be formed by connecting them together.
If you’re still not sure in its efficiency, the Napkin PC requires so little power that there is no need for any battery.
It sounds like a really good idea, but will cost you a fortune to produce one device that probably wouldn’t work.

Napkin PC

Napkin personal computer

Napkin personal computer shema

Napkin personal computer - mobile



18 Responses to “Future conceptual computer”

  1. Anon says:

    A thoroughly horrible idea. Yeesh.

  2. djmoya says:

    Great concept design.I especially love how they are modular.

  3. mackenzie says:

    Im sorry, but this concept is really really bad.

  4. dori says:

    really like the concept! wish i’d have one now – it’s like many little tablet pcs! cool idea!

  5. Phil Beaverton says:

    I hear the panoramas on the toilet-paper PC are breathtaking. Or at least, you wouldn’t want to breathe the fumes.

  6. Justin Kistner says:

    I want one! Really smart idea. Think I’ll still get the Macbook Air in the mean time. 😉

  7. smudge says:

    I think I’ll wait until the price comes down and they work out the bugs.

  8. Gerard Vignes says:

    I love it. I want one for every location I work at 🙂

  9. Jeff says:

    Very nice parody… Lots of hype and finish just like a real concept pitch. I can’t believe those fools at posting 1 and 3 seem to be taking this seriously. Lighten up.

  10. Aana says:

    Amazing concept… This is what I need.

  11. adam says:

    hmm … needs some sort of handle or you will spend your life cleaning off the fingerprints

  12. Macky says:

    Wow it’s thinner that the Mac Book Air!!!!

  13. Gary Horsman says:

    Very nice presentation, but the concept seems to have a very narrow set of practical applications. This could never replace the ubiquitous diversity of a standard computer. Perhaps it is best suited for other concept-based businesses like advertising or design firms, but that’s about it.

  14. Eyram Tsegah says:

    love the idea!! something to work on. after all, who thought the automobile was going to work.
    we’ll keep dreaming and making them come true!!!! great concept.
    hope to play tic tack toe on it with my grand son in 40 yrs!!!

  15. andinaberitania says:

    Very nice. Maybe I can get one of them to put in my office.

  16. ColterMacK says:

    Great idea. but one question. HOW MUCH?

  17. M. Aiken Koppize says:

    Nice simple concept. I second the comment that this looks like a good advertising firm or training session tool, but other than that limited. Add a browser, email, word processing and spreadsheet apps and you have a nice tool. Also agree that a handle or carrying jacket is needed.

  18. Natanael L says:

    E-paper works. Induction power works. Capacitive touch screens is really just a screen + a capacative layer. Bluetooth has been around for ages.

    This can actually be built today! (Even if the colors and battery life might suck)

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