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Raise your sights on notebook comfort with an adjustable stand that puts your notebook display at eye level and gives you a full-sized keyboard for more comfortable typing. Works with virtually any notebook.

Logitech: Alto keyboard

Logitech: Alto keyboard photos

Logitech keyboard

Alto keyboard review


On your desk, advanced laser technology gives you precise tracking and instant response. In the air, innovative Freespace™ motion sensing transforms hand motions into natural, responsive cursor controls.

Logitech: MX Air™ Mouse

Logitech mouse



Applications supporting MenuCast™ on-screen menus
    • Music:
      Apple® iTunes®
      Windows® Media Player
    • Video/DVD:
      Intervideo® WinDVD
      Windows® Media Player
    • Photos:
      Adobe® Photoshop® Album
      Windows® Photo Gallery
      Windows® Picture Viewer
    • Web browser:
      Internet Explorer®
      Mozilla Firefox®

It’s created for hands just like yours, with contoured, uniform-size keys that cradle your fingers naturally while the curved keyboard promotes a more ergonomically correct hand position.

Logitech: Wave Keyboard

Logitech: Wave Keyboard photos

Logitech: Wave Keyboard review

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