Alienware  has officially declared about two new models of notebooks, Area-51 m15x and m17x, as “the most  powerful notebooks from all  existed”. The  number of model name corresponds to the diagonal  of display  (15,4 and 17 inches), they are similar on many technical descriptions: both notebooks will be equipped with the Core 2 Duo Extreme processors, NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX video card, 667 MHz DDR2, writing Blu-ray-drive (in Area-51 m17x model or writing DVD-drive in m15).
One of the substantial differencies is that there will be two hard disks in Area-51 m15x, and three in m17x. Their keyboard has beautiful LED-illuminating  and possibility of changing its colors. Price and release day are still not known, however there are already lots of official images and photos which you can find further.

Alienware Area-51 m15x

Alienware Area-51 m15x

Alienware Area-51 m15x close

Alienware Area-51 m15x notebook

Alienware Area-51 m15x open

Alienware Area-51 m17x

Alienware Area-51 m17x keyboard

Alienware Area-51 m17x keyboard photo

Alienware notebook

Alienware laptop



33 Responses to “Alienware Area-51 m15x and m17x – the most powerful notebooks from ever existed?”

  1. jesse says:

    Wow they really make those look nice! AlienWare has always been expensive as far as I’ve known, kind of like Mac – I guess if you want the glam you gotta pay big. I really like the first pic of the front where it’s smooth with the alien logo – the 3rd picture I don’t like the grooves in it as much but either way the keyboard and everything looks awesome. Sorry Im not paying attention to the hardware specs they look too cool haha! The red looks pink kinda, thats weird.

  2. Nick says:

    I can see why they call it that. The specs are insane for a laptop. They totally beat my new desktop’s specs. The only problem is probably power. I mean, that thing must have like a 5 minute battery life if it has an 8800 gtx and core 2 extreme.

  3. says:

    The LED illuminating was brought from Dell XPS from 3+ years ago.

  4. Rebenga says:

    Yawn, another Winblows-based computer trying to compensate for shitty software with basic brawn. Gamers and fanboys already love this, everyone else who is serious about their computer buys something else.

  5. Rick says:

    Freakin ugly…looks like it was designed in 1990.

  6. Charles says:

    I dislike the look & feel. I prefer VAIOs 🙂

  7. greggy says:

    Cool looks! Gives Apple a run for their money.

    But like the Apple, I hope they make the software pretty as well, so that the operating system also looks smooth?

    I would install Stardock Win Customise as standard and produce a cool Alien Ware desktop theme that carries the cool look through to the desktop.


  8. Zak says:

    Alienwares are awful. They break so easily, me and a bunch of my friends each got different ones a few years ago, and we all pretty much hated them. I cant even list all the weird crap that was wrong with mine 1 week our of the box. for 1, they run way to hot and way to loud, and their electrical framework is a joke.

  9. Darin says:

    I am so tired of Mac being labeled as expensive. I bought my Macbook Pro a year ago for $1500. I am pretty sure you can’t buy a performing Alienware laptop for that much money. If you can it isn’t going to perform.

  10. ertetrer says:

    linux box

  11. Jesse says:

    Well, if they know it’s going to glug battery power, they’ve probably given it a much more efficient/powerful battery. Hope the cooling system is good too, since there’s three hard drives in the 17″ model.

  12. Smitty says:

    They should just ditch the battery in the m17x and bundle that behemoth with a diesel generator on casters . . . that’s the only way it’ll ever be “portable”.
    It would be one hell of a LANparty rig, though . . .

  13. Jim Notamac says:

    Wow, I got these babies will run Office 2007 really fast! I can’t WAIT to fire up my database software on these bad boys, or my custom spreadsheet program. SWEET.

  14. Bones says:

    Okay, I’m really not that impressed… besides from the gfx card, it has the same specs as a MacBook pro… The design is ok, but as you are probably gonna label me an Apple Fanboi, it’s a huge rock in comparisson with the MacBook Pro…

  15. Bones says:

    oh… and blu-ray, sorry bout that… but honestly? I’m more of an HD-DVD guy…

  16. Will says:

    Sure, the battery life is crap but who is going to be using this thing off of their desk? If you put it on your lap you would probably get 2nd degree burns, or infertility (for guys) whichever comes first.

  17. Richard says:

    too bad it runs windows…..
    my mac is almost as good as that
    ive got 2G of ram, 8600gt and a 2.2 dual core
    my mac can handle any game out right now, i play cod4 and crysis and they both run great.
    i use my 32″ tv too.
    and my mac was only $1,799
    not that bad, it was the cheapest you could get those kind of specs at the time.

  18. Jonathan says:

    If it weighs more than 5 lbs, it’s not a notebook. Sorry.

  19. Brian says:

    “Yawn, another Winblows-based computer trying to compensate for shitty software with basic brawn. Gamers and fanboys already love this, everyone else who is serious about their computer buys something else.”


    a) Among real PC enthusiasts Alienware doesn’t have many fanboys. And Leopard is having it’s own problems. (in fact I’ve been running my laptop on XP for about two weeks now without a reboot or an error)
    b) It’s overpriced, just like Mac is (unless you were referencing Linux, in which case, a budget PC on Linux is nice). Macs are just overpriced media players. As a CE major Apple is severely limited in its usefulness because a lot of open-source software for developing is limited to windows (and a lot of the time) Linux.
    c) People who are serious about computers and hardware build their own and run Windows or Linux. And most gamers I know would build their own rig for a cheaper price rather then buy Alienware’s overpriced stuff.

    @ Jesse
    A non-gamer wouldn’t and shouldn’t buy this system (or any Alienware–they’re designed for a completely different market than other laptops or Macs are). And as far as Macs not being overpriced–BS. I bought my laptop for 850–it’s a Toshiba. They make one of the nicest LCD screens and it performs just as fast as my friend’s Macbook (OH NOES HIS MAY BE .5sec faster for loading a movie!). 1500 for a laptop is way overpriced if all it’s going to do is play movies and music.

  20. Mrs. bobalobashobalobadingdong says:

    wow, thats amazing! i love it. it is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! my sister thinks this too. i would kill to have one of those haha just kidding!

  21. Ricardo says:

    why choose a laptop if you want to play games? Use a desktop because it’s much cheaper and the performance is better.

  22. wintermte says:


    Well sorry I must be a make believe professional CE (sorry I graduated 17 years ago), and I first gave up on Windows 7 years ago and switched to linux for most stuff, then finally got tired of fighting Linux to do what I needed on a laptop and switched to a Mac, and I haven’t looked back or regretted it. There is nothing — and I mean nothing – that I can’t run on my MacBook. If I need (God forbid) need to run windows I use Parallels or Boot camp for an occasional game, I need linux for something (very rarely these days) I use Parallels.

    I’ve known many CE professionals in my life, and have yet to meet a single one that has built his own laptop. Yeah there was a day when building your own desktop was the “geek cool” think to do. I built more than my fair share, but those days are long gone. I want something that works, so I can get some real work done.

    Overpriced you say? Post me a link to a comparably configured Dell, HP, Sony, etc laptop (not even counting software) and then maybe I’ll believe you. Then take into account software that it comes with, or the fact that my Mac runs nearly silently, and has a battery life of 2.5 hrs, and there isn’t anything comparable.

    That crappy “macs are overpriced” story is really (really) old. The same goes with the “they don’t have any software” story. If you knew anything about computers you would know that nearly any of the opensource Linux software will run on a Mac. Ever heard of the Fink or OpenDarwin projects? Apparently not.

    What you want gcc, comes on the CD. Want an enterprise ready IDE, comes free on the CD too. MS charges big bucks for their IDE and developers tools.

    Also, you never heard of the difference between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro? MacBooks are a lot cheaper than the $1500, and guess what, they play movies too.

    Don’t even get me started on the spyware, viruses, worms, needing to run antivirus software, anti-spyware crap.

    Man! I am just so tired of this Mac bashing crap by people that try to come off knowing something. Keep it up and you’ll have a great future working for Best Buy.

    OK I’m done.

  23. derek says:

    Looks heavy.. with 3 hdd’s and a 17″ I feel sorry for anyone who buys this and actually uses this as a portable machine.

    If you really want to get a gaming machine why bother with a laptop.. I admire these but for gaming I dont see the point in using a laptop?!

    I hope they come with a raid card otherwise the extra hdd’s is kinda pointless dead weight.

  24. Victor says:


    I use an Apple laptop.. sure, label me an Apple Fanboy but you cant tell me that your toshiba laptop performs the same as the macbook pro… and please, im tired of hearing that “its just for listening to music and playing movies” excuse… Most macbook pros (i admit, not all of them, but so is the case for any windows, linux machines) are used for profesional purposes… I don’t think i’ve ever seen a movie editor using Windows Movie Maker to edit his work… Why? Because Mac OS X is a reliable OS (much more then XP) and uses its resources a lot more efficiently then Windows (you can’t tell me that the Processes manager is neat) Besides, Macbooks cost 1099 your toshiba 850 but macbooks include a free printer ……. oh, and as far as looks go apple>toshiba.

  25. George says:

    Hey, I think it’s not! At a first glance it is, but at second it is not. Have a look at new ASUS Laptops G2S and G1S!!! They are… Just splendid…

  26. Brian says:

    You completely owned me (well, except for the thing about no one building their own PCs–that’s not true, at least). I’m not going to be a jackass and deny it.

    I do know something about computers, I just don’t use a Mac so I am unaware of any open-source software for them. I’ll admit that was a thoughtless remark on my part, and I admit it was stupid. I guess I just don’t quite understand why anyone would spend more than a few hundred on a computer for work. The only way I’d ever pay over 1000 for a PC is if it were for gaming.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Apple is completely horrible, I just don’t agree with the tight control they have over their systems and the limited price scalability with their newer desktops and such (1000+ for an iMac that only comes with one gig of ram?). If you lock out third-party hardware upgrades, I’m going to be suspicious. Wozniak (who I highly respect) has made some iffy comments about Apple in recent times, and I really believe if they’re not careful they could turn into another Microsoft.

    That said, I just get really annoyed with people bashing Windows all the time. I have little or no problems with it. I haven’t had a virus on this laptop yet, in the two years I’ve owned it. I’ve also used Macs are work and had more problems with them than I have with my XP systems. Maybe they don’t take care of their systems in the Geology department at my school–but I don’t think that’s the case because their technician is a pretty thorough guy.

    I guess it comes down to a personal preference, and past experience with all sorts of systems has led me to just keep running WinXP.

    Good point about the MacBook…but looks are subjective, and printers are dirt cheap nowadays, so my system still would have cost less. 🙂

    Granted, a MacBook is smaller, so you’ve got me there.

  27. Chris says:

    everyone who is against this laptop (morons) this is a great computer i just bought one and it can run great it a bit pricey but if ur a gamer it dont matter wat the price is its ur opinion sure the vaio and apple air is slick and nice and this is a little thick but overall the looks arnt meant to impress people its how it runs and this is the most powerful and fastest 15.4 inch laptop ever so thier you go

  28. MacBook says:

    I am using a MacBook Black 2.4 Ghz and it has a batery life of 5 hours with WiFi on and Bluetooth off, this alienware cant even boot with its battery when all the HDD’s are disconnected and the GPU is turned off.

    And BTW the mac has a way better OS then this crappy thing.

    My macbook plays my favorite game very well: GTA San Andreas

  29. Vlad says:

    Fellas fellas a good desktop and or laptop computer is the one that does what you need, frankly i don’t give a damn if the computer can fly me to the moon so long i can run my softwares with beautiful efficiency

  30. Anthony says:

    About the battery life, it is actually very good for a laptop like this…about 1hr30mins, and that’s if you’re doing some extreme gaming or multi-tasking. so about 2hrs15mins otherwise….

  31. Connie says:

    For those of you stating that it is a waste to buy a notebook when you can get a desktop for less, don’t know or appreciate my situation. I travel in my industry and my jobs last an average of 3 to 5 months each. In between that time, I go home. I don’t always want to be ‘lugging’ my desktop home when I have off a week or so for holidays and in between jobs. I can leave my desktop (all-in-one since I live in a 5th wheel when working out of town and don’t like to bother with unplugging a lot of items and storing while moving) in my 5th wheel and bring my laptop home. If I have a few moments free at work (during lunch and breaks), I can pull out my laptop and play WoW for a bit since I am not allowed to download software into my work desktop. For those of us purchasing (my m17x arrives today) this HEAVY, OVERPRICED notebook, we do it for a specific reason.

  32. Elvendur says:

    Wow.. Mm.. Anthony (July.24th, 08′ post),
    actually, 1h 48minutes for the m17, while the Area-51 m17x lasts for about forty minutes LESS, meaning roughly an hour, was the test doing wireless web browsing, NOT “extreme gaming or multitasking*”. <- this is a FACT as it is stated on Alienwares own website from their own tests and review.

    Nonetheless, I plan on buying the m15x. As much as I love a larger screen and the extra HD, I think I can survive with one less HD and perform just as well. It isn’t like I’ll have 3 games running at the same time (number was randomly chosen, not directed towards the m17x at all), and the specs are beautiful.
    Alienware also can change the hardware, making it “custom” before ordering. Please, before you bash, test. ENOUGH SAID!

    (postscript, I’m buying m15x. I’ll post my personal review also once I get it home. 🙂 )

  33. tracy says:

    well jeez i was really excited about ordering my alienware notebook but after reading all this i feel kinda depressed!! Right now all i hav is a dell inspiron b120 so i though it couldnt get much worse than that. we’ll see i guess and thanks everyone for killin my buyers high!

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