XCLIO’s philosophy on designing cases is one of simplicity and practicality. XCLIO design group combines the expertise and ideas from designers locally and aboard. Our designs are verified against guidelines from the CE/FCC testing lab, temperature-testing lab, noisy testing lab, so we can achieve the following:


1. Simplicity and Practicality
2. Unique Designs
3. Super Quiet
4. Absolutely heat sink
5. Worldwide safety regulations

So our customers receive the best product design and unique options available in the market.

When building a computer system, one of the most difficult decisions for most people is which case to put all the goodies into. With many hundreds of choices and more coming on the market weekly, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. While most enthusiasts would put good cooling performance at the top of their list of desirable features, price will enter the equation at some point. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a chassis that had great cooling and a budget price, too? Well, with their 188A mid-tower case, Xclio may make case selection a bit easier for the builder on a budget. Let’s see how much performance, features and aesthetic appeal they’ve managed to pack into the 188A.



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